Easy 10 steps while moving house checklist Australia MUST READ

10 Steps while moving house checklist Australia MUST READ

It’s known to all that moving home is really very painful, as well as costly. But, These 10 steps can make your moving house easier. Just spend 2 minute reading this “moving house checklist Australia” and make your moving easier that never thought before.

Every movers should know about these 10 moving checklist Aussie. From your mail and banks, to your vehicle and utilities, there’s a ton to get in order. Follow our main 10 activities when moving house to ensure you don’t run into issues while moving your old home to new home.

Follow the moving house checklist Australia following:

1. Confirm a date

Confirming a date to is the first item on the moving house checklist Australia Aussie movers should always focus on. It will be very tricky to tick anything else off your checklist until you’ve confirmed a date for the big move.

You may need to move out and in all in one day, if you’re buying a house. Or if you are renting, you might move over a few days.

2. Inform your property manager

This is one of the principal activities while moving house checklist Australia. You must inform your property manager while leasing. Because they need to know the exact date of your move.

Your moving date must be same date your rent closes. Otherwise you may have to pay double for the late of only one day.

3. Get Removal quotes

Make this one of the priority things while moving house. Start gathering removals straight away unless you plan to carry out the removals yourself.
Get a Removals service, ask them to pack for you and reassemble your furniture

4. Redirect your mail

Redirect your email to the new location.

5. Let your banks know about your move

Tell your banks, building social orders, insurance agencies, etc about your turn. They’ll need to refresh their records, so add this onto your rundown of activities when moving house checklist Australia. Your bank needs the right data about you so they can get hold of you in an emergency.  Plus, it’s a method of ensuring your significant monetary archives don’t fall into outsiders’ hands.

PIN numbers or new credit cards are both sent by post, so it’s critical that they go to the correct location. Contact each bank ahead of time of moving. Disclose to them your new location and your moving date, to guarantee their records are exceptional.

6. Check your new home is insured or guaranteed.

If you buy new house, you need buildings insurance as a condition of your mortgage contract. When it comes to the moving house whether you are renting or buying, it’s a good idea to protect your possessions against damage. Once you know the details of your new house, you can get insurance up to 30 days in advance and you just have to schedule it to pick up the keys.

So, it’s good to make a list and tick off of the things when moving house checklist Australia. If you already got the insurance, don’t forget to recheck that it completely covers you during the move. Let your insurer know about your change of address. You might need to pay to change policy. 

7. Update your driving licence Address

It’s essential to update your address on driving licence, so that it will show the correct address.

8. Update your car ownership certificate

Another important step is to update car ownership certificate. Car owners must not forget about this.

9. Inform your car insurer

You also must inform your car insurance company about your new address. Because most of the companies vase their policy pricing on location. if you don’t notify them, they could refuse to pay if you claim.

So, it is also important to add this to your list of things to do when you move your house. If the insurance company found your new area is riskier, they might charge and if they found safer area, you might get a partial refund.

10. Note your meter readings.

Just before leaving your old home, note down your water, gas, electricity meter readings. Better is to take photo of the meters because it’s a proof of both time and the meter.

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