Finding the right fine art movers to handle precious art at a price that’s not as high can be an art of its own. Fortunately, Move GC and our fine art moving department set our prices with our clientele in mind. Fine arts moving is not like moving other items, as Move GC treats these fine works with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Move GC knows our customers are price conscious, so we ensure the rates we offer these services at are affordable for Gold Coasters. Meeting these goals has allowed us to become one of the best art moving companies Gold Coast has within its borders.


The typical art movers Gold Coast customers need are not the ones who handle only the finest, multi-thousand dollar art. Most of the art controlled by Move GC Moving is not as valuable as the finest works in a museum or gallery. Protecting familiar works of art still requires plenty of detail, but not as many expensive supplies that a customer has to pay for.

The process starts with a plastic wrap called glassine that prevents the artwork itself from smudging, denting or scratching. Then, the piece is wrapped again in Bubble wrap to provide cushioning en transit. After covering the work a sufficient number of times, a suitable box is found to pack the art without too much space for it to move around.

If the art piece shifts inside its box in transit, it could be damaged, so Move GC is sure to make the box as tight a fit as possible with the wrapped artwork. Packing paper can be used to close any spaces.


Especially large or valuable works of art deserve special attention, and Move GC can provide that. For the more significant pieces we encounter, Move GC’s delicate fine art movers typically custom construct a box or other packing container to fit them. Customized packages allow for Move GC to create the exact amount of insulation necessary on each piece of art without leaving too much room for the part to shift en transit and be damaged.

For exceptionally high-value works, Move GC is happy to provide custom crating. Wood crating is the safest way to transport an inventory to prevent it from incurring damage. Typically, this method is the same used by the most highly qualified delicate fine art movers in the world who handle the types of pieces seen in the globe’s most famous art museums.  Move GC’s carpentry team will engineer a box designed to perfectly fit the artwork and transport it safely to its destination.

For More information on how Move GC’s delicate fine art movers prepare works for shipment, and some additional information on how to prepare high-value antiques for moving, check out our blog posts you will find some great tips for moving fine art & antiques.