There is only one way of moving furniture Gold Coast residents have found easy, and that’s calling Move GC to handle their furniture moving needs. Everyone needs help moving furniture; GOLD COAST especially has this issue, as most people do not have large vehicles to transport their furniture, and must maneuver through tight spaces in small apartments.

Whether it’s couches, chairs, armoires, tables, bar tools, or some other furniture in your home, Move GC Moving will come prepared. We’ve mastered how to move furniture in Gold Coast walk-ups, co-ops, condos, apartment buildings, houses, and other homes. When looking for help moving furniture, Gold Coast residents turn to a steady hand of a reliable mover.


Are you looking to take some old furniture out of your home and put it into storage? Move GC Moving is proud to offer options in furniture storage Gold Coast residents will love. Our full-service storage team picks up your belongings and moves them ourselves to our state of the art facility, where we sort them. With Move GC’s furniture storage, Gold Coast residents skipped all the hassle and lost time that comes with a self-storage facility.

Move GC’s movers handle lifting your heaviest furniture items and carrying them through the tightest corners of your apartment building for you. Once it’s time to take everything out of storage, Move GC will return to your home with everything in the same condition it arrived at our facility.


Gold Coast is infamous for tiny apartments, a population who mostly do not own vehicles, and walk-up only residential buildings. Moving furniture around that kind of a city can be a nightmare. These conditions make hiring furniture movers that know the ins and outs of how to move furniture in Gold Coast vital. A few tried and true methods make transporting this city’s fine furnishings much less of a hassle for us.

  • Use moving blankets: Furniture is too large to be packed inside of a box. To add the same kind of cushioning when transporting furniture, furniture movers will instead wrap them in “moving blankets”, specially designed blankets with a combination of polyester & cotton. These not only help prevent furniture from being damaged by adding cushioning; they also prevent dents, scratches or stains from contact with outside sources.
  • Rent or Buy a Dolly: A dolly is a wheeled platform that furniture can be placed on to be rolled around in flat areas of the home. For moves within elevator buildings, dollys can be used for almost all transportation of furniture items, taking away much of the physical stress of moving bulky furniture. Most furniture movers will provide their dollys, but they can be rented from most moving supply shops as well.

Hire a professional for Furniture moving:

Simply put, moving heavy furniture up several flights of stairs is not for the faint of heart. Hiring a furniture moving company might seem expensive, but is it more expensive than paying medical bills after or an injury, or paying to replace furniture after an accident? We always honor our customers and offer affordable price. Contact Us for more details and what offers we have for you.