Piano moving is not for the faint of heart. We highly recommend Gold Coasters use a qualified moving company when they need to transport their ebony and ivory keys. Move GC is one of the most trusted piano movers Gold Coast can rely on.

Our best piano movers Gold Coast residents trust to move their pianos have experience handling grand pianos, baby grand pianos, upright pianos, Spinet pianos, and many other styles, shapes and designs of this majestic instrument. One of the most affirming feelings we experience as a moving company is when our customers trust us with their pianos.

Over the years, Move GC has developed a reputation as piano movers Gold Coast, Gold Coast and the rest of the tri-state area can trust.


Moving pianos, much like playing one, is an art that takes practice. Before we move a piano, we collect plenty of moving blankets to cover several parts of the piano, and plenty of tapes to hold them in place. The blankets provide a layer of protection to the pianos smaller items would have provided via a moving box.

First, we cover the piano keys themselves with blankets, to prevent them from shifting and getting damaged in transit. After that, any detachable parts of the piano should be removed to be packed separately.

This may be as easy as taking them off by hand, but sometimes tools such as a Phillips or a socket head screwdriver are required to take off components such as pedals.

Once the piano is reduced to just parts that cannot be detached, we make sure to cover nearly every area of the piano with blankets to ensure no part of the piano gets damaged, but there is one area that should be left exposed: the handles.

Using these to pick up the piano is the best way to move it. The piano will need to be picked up at one point so our Gold Coast City piano movers can cover the bottom in blankets as well.

Once the piano is covered in blankets, moving it is still tricky. Piano movers in Gold Coast and other parts of the city have to deal with tight clearances in the famously Move GC city apartments.

If any licenses are incredibly friendly, the movers may need to measure the available space against how much the piano takes up to see if it will fit. Then, movers typically use a piano board to transport the piano. The piano will otherwise be too heavy, too big and too difficult to carry.

If you have any queries or anything you want to discuss with us, just contact us immediately