Sometimes, a situation arises where Gold Coasters need previous minute movers. It could be due to another moving company cancelling 24 hours before the move was scheduled, or an unforeseen need to vacate the home. At any rate, Move GC is, we are used to serving as last-minute movers for Gold Coast residents and are fully ready to provide our top-rated services even at a moment’s notice…


Move GC happily provides moving services for clients in challenging last-minute situations. If there is nothing physically preventing Move GC from performing the move, we will be able to offer the customer our services, even on short notice. Move GC can perform activities late at night or early in the morning: we are a 24-hour moving company Gold Coast residents can count on.

Gold Coast residents have busy schedules, and a lot can go wrong in this highly hectic city. Move GC is dedicated to being there for Gold Coasters when we are needed. Twenty-four hours in advance is more than enough time for Move GC’s movers to plan and execute the job right. Last-minute moves are part of our business, and we provide the same level of service for our last minute clients as we do for our clients that book further in advance.


Frequently the last-minute move is as much of a surprise to the moving customer as it is to a moving company. The customer will not have the time to prepare their home for the move and need help with packing, disassembling furniture, and other tasks that have to be finished up. This makes Move GC an excellent option for anyone in need of last minute movers Gold Coast wise. Our company can provide full services for moving and even offer storage for those who need to move out of their homes temporarily. If you need a last minute movers company to handle all sorts of responsibilities, Move GC is the best choice for you.


Circumstances change in life; that things are always changing is one of the only constants. Move GC understands and lets our customers move around their moves if our schedule permits. We do not arbitrarily charge our customers fees if their changes do not affect us. Move GC can add on additional services or extra crew members if we have availability without a price for the last-minute change. Accommodating our customers to the fullest extent of our abilities is our number one goal. That is why we maintain maximum flexibility for our last-minute moving customers.


Do you need a last minute movers company? Move GC can schedule a move into our storage facility as soon as our first available crew can reach your home. Many of our exciting storage promotions are available at the last minute as well. Move GC Moving’s last-minute storage offerings are an excellent option for anyone in a hurry to get to the storage, as Move GC employees can also provide full packing of all items that need to be transported into storage at the 11th hour as well. Anyone in dire need of a place to put their things quickly can count on Move GC to show up and complete the job expediently.


Because there is little to no time to lose for last-minute moves, Move GC highly recommends our last minute movers clients call Move GC’s offices at 0401-940-775 to book their last-minute move or contact us with your needs. Our moving associates can provide immediate feedback on the circumstances of your activity, offer a window of time in which our crew can arrive at your home, and provide the quickest possible price estimates for moving and any other services. Our moving associates are very familiar with the nature of last-minute moving and will work within your parameters to provide the services you need when you need them.