White Glove Moving Services

If you have a challenging item to move, your inventory is precious, or if only the best will do for your move, then Move GC’s white-glove moving services are what you need. We serve residents throughout the Gold Coast who need efficient, careful professionals to complete activities with special needs. For more information on what white-glove moving entails, read below!


  • Experienced crews
    • Your white-glove move will be handled by seasoned moving pros who know how to handle the most difficult of activities.
  • Project Manager
    • Each white-glove move has a dedicated project manager to alert you of any changes and to ensure all activities are smooth.
  • Packing/unpacking
    • We offer full packing and unpacking white glove services; Pay for only the filling you need.
  • Precise labeling
    • Boxes will be labelled to keep items together and ensure delivery to the preferred part of the new home.
  • Custom crating
    • Move GC’s carpentry team will build custom crates for antiques and fine art to ensure their safety during transit.
  • Furniture disassembly/reassembly
    • We offer full furniture disassembly and reassembly to prevent any headaches.
  • Disposal
    • We will remove any trash and empty boxes from your new home to keep it clean.
  • Storage options
    • We offer full-service white glove storage options available even at the last minute.
  • Insurance options
    • Our associates can advise you on all the insurance options available and help pick out the policy that is best for your move.
  • Other services available
    • Media Installation, Carpentry, Antique Restoration, and Locksmith available upon appointment.


Looking for a mover to handle a historic heirloom in Gold Coast. Move GC offers our top of the line white glove moving services on both coasts, from the high-rises of Gold Coast. Famous athletes in Gold Coast have both chosen Move GC again and again to handle their delicate moves. For more information on where we offer white glove services, visit our location pages or just Contact Us:


Move GC’s carpentry services department is available to provide several of our white glove moving services, including furniture assembly and disassembly, custom crating, media installation, antique restoration and much more. Our clients can schedule an appointment with a Move GC carpenter by calling our offices at 0423-642-395. Do you need a consultation for carpentry services on your move? Call today!


Many of the rich and famous residents of Gold Coast have called Move GC to handle their high-leverage moves. See what the big names stars that have used Move GC have to say about our services!


Move GC customers typically use white glove moving services to ensure their high-value items. Two valuable item types our movers have plenty of experience packing are fine art and antiques. Our employees wanted to pass on some of their expertise to help everyone ensure they get to have just as smooth a move. Here is some of their advice:

  • Wood crates are the safest way to transport fine art.
  • Use moving blankets to help protect antiques in transit.
  • Schedule an On-site appointment so a project manager can assess the safest way to transport your antique or artwork.

For more tips on moving fine art and antiques, read our full post!