Why “MOVEgc” is best For Long Distance Moving Company

Long Distance moving is a monumental process in people’s lives. For most people, almost every part of their everyday life is about to change drastically. Planning a move in those circumstances can be incredibly stressful. MoveGC Moving’s approach to long distance moving is suited to help relieve our customers’ anxiety at each step of the process. Our goal at Move GC is to provide the best possible service at the best possible price.

Our customers start their long-distance journey with the quote process. A Move GC Moving project manager comes to the customer’s home and assesses their belongings to ensure an entirely accurate price, which prevents any last-minute surprises for the customer. Then, the job is handed over to Move GC’s long-distance movers, who are there to provide tracking updates and answer any questions the customer has about their belongings’ transit.

While en route to the moving destination, our trucks stop off at completely secure facilities so our customers can have peace of mind that their belongings are safe. When the delivery day approaches, Move GC provides our interstate moving customers with full details on how they can ensure our trucks can reach their homes safely and securely deliver their belongings.


Move GC can offer other services to our long-distance customers upon request. All our long distance moving crews can provide full packing and unpacking services at both ends of the journey to assist our busiest clients. For our most discerning customers, Move GC offers white glove packing services and unpacking in some markets.

Most packing services available to our local moving customers are also available to our long-distance customers as well. Move GC has plenty of premium services exclusive to our long-distance customers. Upon request, we can provide a guaranteed delivery date service instead of a “delivery window”.

For interstate moving customers headed to the Midwestern Gold Coast, we also offer express Midwest delivery service to get your belongings there faster than the competition. Our discerning cross country moving clients who need their belongings in their new city as quickly as possible can call Move GC for our diamond long distance moving service, which entails an exclusive truck providing both expedited service and guaranteed delivery date.


Move GC makes regular trips to offer express services to several major cities across Australia. Our regular interstate moving trips ensure our Move GC customers get the best possible price on their interstate move and still receive their belongings quicker than other companies can deliver them.

To best serve some of the busiest cities in the country, Move GC makes regular trips from our bases in Gold Coast to these major cities to ensure quick service. Inquire today about how quickly Move GC can get your belongings to these major metropolitan areas.

Gold Coast City Express:

With moving depots in both Gold Coast City, Move GC can provide all services on any interstate moves in between the Gold Coast City areas. Move GC’s full control of all parts of the action on both ends allows us to complete these cross country moves faster than our industry competitors.


Move GC isn’t just a long distance moving company; we’re a stress removing company.  Move GC handles every part of your long-distance move from pickup to delivery. Our long-distance department is available whenever our customers need them to accommodate any requests and answer any questions they might have.

Move GC project managers help anticipate potential problems on each end of the move and provide guidance to ensure both moving out and moving in are as seamless as possible. On pickup day and delivery day, our experienced crews handle all your belongings with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure they arrive in your home safely.

WHY CHOOSE Move GC for long distance moving?

Why is Move GC one of the most trusted Gold Coast interstate movers? There are several right answers! Move GC experience in cross country moving has allowed us to build our team and infrastructure around the needs we anticipate our customers will have.

Our stature as one of the largest and most experienced moving companies allows us to provide our customers with a variety of benefits when they book their long-distance move with Move GC. The list below is just a taste of what you can expect from the Move GC team.

  • PROJECT MANAGERS: The long-distance process starts with a Move GC project manager detailing every step we’ll take to ensure your belongings safely arrive at your destination as quickly as possible.
  • EXPERIENCED CREWS: Our movers know the ins and outs of moving out of your old building and into your new city. Move GC crews know they’re packing your belongings for the long haul and will spare no provisions to ensure those belongings are completely secure for the lengthy journey.
  • LICENSED, INSURED AND CERTIFIED: Our Company has all the necessary paperwork, from our licenses in Gold Coast to the certificate of our general liability insurance coverage you need to move in or move out of your apartment building.
  • CONSTANT UPDATES: Our dedicated long-distance department is available to answer any questions and provide step-by-step updates as your belongings make their way to their destination.
  • FASTEST SERVICE: Because we serve a large number of long distance moving customers every week, we can provide faster service to our cross country destinations than our competitors.
  • STORAGE OPTIONS: If you need to leave your old home early, or can’t move into your new home until a little later, don’t worry; Move GC provides all our long distance moving customers with a free month of full service.
  • BEST PRICES: Move GC can offer among the lowest prices on our long distance moving routes because we can combine our customers’ belongings on our shipping trucks, helping them all save on their interstate moves.


Cross Country moving is already really complicated, and adding the financial implications can turn existing anxiety and stress up to 11. There’s no way to make long distance moving “cheap”, but there are plenty of ways to make the price point more tenable. To help make your interstate move cheaper, try out some of these tips:

  • Declutter:  Remove some unneeded items from your inventory to reduce the costs of moving. Selling some of these things might even help you earn a little coin, too.
  • Pack properly: A damaged item in transit can be expensive to replace. Spending a little to save a lot can be crucial
  • Prepare: Scope out potential predicaments on either end of the move that could lead to additional expenses, such as the need for shuttle service upon delivery.

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