Packing Service

Move GC Moving is here to help when it comes time to pack all the home’s belongings tightly into a few boxes for a move. Our full packing and moving Main Menu: TVs, and everything else in your home. No matter how big or small an item, don’t hesitate to ask Move GC to pack it.

Whether you just need a hand in filling your home for moving a few challenging things, or don’t have the time to do any packing yourself, we can offer to move and pack services that fit your needs at flexible rates.


Hiring a professional packing service can make the moving experience much easier for anyone. Packing up an entire home’s belongings can be stressful, especially for families. Hiring a professional packing service can eliminate this stress for a price that might come as a pleasant surprise. Here are the significant advantages of hiring a professional packer to pack your home:

  • Quality Boxes: Pro packers will provide sturdy moving boxes for their packing clients.
  • Speed: A professional packing service finishes a packing job twice as fast as the layman.
  • Peace of Mind: Sleep easy knowing your belongings are in the hands of trusted professionals.

Read more advantages to hiring a professional packing service:


Move GC packing services specialize in preparing hard to pack items for a home move. Move GC has seen and dealt with packing almost anything, and we’ve learned the best ways to wrap up these packing challenges and protect items. Our packing specialists can deal with packing a piano, antiques and artwork, chandeliers, mirrors, LCD TVs, and more, along with the more specific items in the kitchen people who move commonly fret about.

If the job calls for it, Move GC is also happy to provide customized crates for the precious items that need special care. Ask one of Move GC’s moving associates if they can handle your hard to pack item; more often than not, Move GC will be able to rise to the challenge with our full suite of packing and unpacking services.


When it comes to packing services, not every item can go into just any box, and Move GC is prepared for the things that need a particular protective case for the moving journey.

Whether it comes to a flat-screen TV, an antique dresser, or a giant floor lamp, Move GC has linen, electronics, wardrobe, and microwave boxes ready to provide these unique items with the support they need to get to their destination in the same condition they started in.


Move GC’s movers emphasise attention to detail when it comes to packing our clients’ homes. We group our customers’ items by the room they belong in to make unpacking at the destination a breeze. Clear labelling on each box makes it evident to everyone involved in the move where any particular items are.


In addition to packing services, Move GC Moving is happy to offer full (or partial) unpacking services to our customers in Gold Coast for those who request it.

Whether it’s a few tricky items or a full-scale home staging, Move GC can provide the exact level of service our customers are looking for at a price that works for everyone. Contact Us for more information.